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Screening and improving the mental health of all your employees, with evidence-based digital tools

Take the wellbeing of your employees to the next level

Are your team and employees struggling to cope under pressure? Are they less engaged or losing motivation? If so, they are not alone. 2 in 3 employees experience stress at work every day and 1 in 6 is at risk of burnout.

By taking deliberate action, you can help your team and employees be happier, more productive and more engaged at work, and in turn reduce absenteeism. As mental illness accounts for 27% of absenteeism and employees suffering from a burnout are absent for 246 days, on average, taking care of the well-being of your team is essential

Are you taking action, but struggling to keep an overview of the initiatives or do you notice one-off training sessions don't deliver lasting results? Faresa can help you develop a comprehensive well-being policy, support you in defining next steps and KPIs, and provide you with innovative tools to measure those.

Faresa Digital tools, an evidence-based solution
for happier and healthier employees

The Faresa digital tools improve well-being in both big companies and SME’s. With the use of an accessible and easy-to-use e-learning platform and mobile app, your employees are able to self-assess and self-manage their mental wellbeing at work and reach out for professional help when needed with the help of monitoring and e-learning.

This way you are able to create and integrate a stepped and blended employee wellbeing policy, focused on three levels of prevention:

Primary Prevention

promoting healthy behavior at work and at home

Secondary Prevention

intervention when needed, even at an early stage, with the help of
monitoring and e-learning

Tertiary Prevention

taking a first step to individual curative care - employee assistance
program [EAP]

How does it work?

360° well-being scan

A scan of the current initiatives and policies, members of the HR team and other important stakeholders from the management team.

employee well-being scan
leadership dashboard

The digital tools are

and Cost-Efficient

Easy Scalable

Co-Created with Academic and Industry Partners and End Users

Faresa, your partner for an
integrated mental health solution

Faresa is on a mission to make evidence-based well-being solutions available to all. With our strong focus on clinical excellence and academic research, Faresa brings innovative on- and offline solutions to the mental healthcare market.

Practical and Clinical Experts

Faresa is a team of trained and experienced experts, led by Prof. Dr. Nele Jacobs and active since 2009.

Academic and Research Based

Research-based tools and practices.

Learn more about our research

A partner, in business and care

We believe in a collaboration based on open communication, accessibility and expertise.

Companies that already
count on our help

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